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Wildest dreams

So I’ll admit I am a huge Taylor Swift fan, everyone my age seems to be but its not hard to see why. Today her ‘Wildest Dreams’ video came out and this might seem like a bit of a weird topic but bare with me.

So in this video she is dancing around in the Savannah looking amazing in a huge billowy yellow dress and things like that always make me yearn to be the typical myserious, glamorous woman who moves effortlessly and dramatically swings her hair about, sadly life doesn’t work that way and I’m stuck being clumsy and self conscious. However I do have those odd moments of clarity when it feels like you have purpose, for instance when it’s raining heavily and you’re outside and you can dance in it with nobody there to stop you or how you can sing lying on your bedroom floor with no interruptions.

So I say in those moments I am a dream, my own I guess and then in the next moment I can be whoever I want to be because people are made of hundreds of thousands of little ideas and personalities, so be whoever you want to be. 



Bucket lists

Sorry for the week long absence, I have been on holiday in Italy. While I was there I got a chance to tick one thing off my bucket list. Many people I have mentioned this too think it is a bit morbid for a teenager to have a bucket list but I personally chose to write one so if I am looking for a holiday or something similar I can do something I have dreamed of doing, this way I hope not to get caught up in the flow of life and miss things as so often happens. It’s more of a priority list I guess.
So on Tuesday this week I visited Sienna which was absolutely beautiful, then on Wednesday I managed to squeeze in both Florence (a rival to Venice in architecture) and Pisa. It was in Pisa that I got to check off my item: I saw the Leaning Tower. It’s strange how a slanted building has gathered so much significance in society and culture or the modern era but when you are standing in front of it it’s not that hard to see why, it really is beautiful and perplexing. I have to admit I couldn’t resist doing the typical cliché ‘holding up the tower’ picture but I think sometimes clichés are clichés for a reason and maybe we should all stop being so cynical and embrace them. 

I don’t know if anyone will read this, or if they do whether they will actually take on any of what I have said but if you do I hope maybe you’ll write a list so that life doesn’t catch you off guard and so you can look back and have no regrets. Perhaps you will even do what I plan to do and create a photo album of each achievement. 

I also want you to embrace the clichés because you’re bound to like some of them, that’s why they’re so common. Don’t care what people think, just do what makes you happy and that’s all any of us can really do.  

  Typical tourist photo.


  Unexpected beauty

I love those moments that catch you off guard, take your breathe away and let you appreciate the world we live in even if it’s just for a moment before plans and responsibilities pull your head down again.

I live for long drives. Looking out of the window and imagining all that could be or could never be, it’s irrelevant. A good soundtrack can turn a journey into therapy or a party depending on the company. Be it scream out loud, off key, heart racing or golden sunshine, eyes half closed peace, it is a chane for you to sit back and take a breather.

These are the moments that make me happy, that I suddenly remember and that make me smile. I only wish life was full of more in the moment moments and not in the future moments, but I guess you just have to make the most of the ones you’re given.


Bohemian rhapsody 

bohemian rhapsody is an awesome song. No arguments can convince me otherwise. I don’t know there’s something so amazing about the passion behind that song, even if the singers admit it makes no sense. The changes, the singing, the harmonies: all of it is a masterpiece.

So it got me thinking as I was speeding slightly too fast in my mums car, my sister at the wheel, screaming the famous Queen lyrics slightly off key at the top of our lungs how songs can effect us so deeply. I mean this song gives me goosebumps and makes my heart feel light in my chest and isn’t it amazing that something as simple as sound can do that. It has a far more profound effect than any other sense generally I think and I love it, I think that’s why music is such an all inclusive thing. 

On to the next thought, isn’t it odd how different songs affect different people, I love the bridge in Missing You by All Time Low, the chorus of Hallelujah by Panic! At the Disco, the ending of One Day More from Les Mis but to other people that would be strange, music is a wonderfully personal thing and I do not think it should be underestimated. 

So blast those speakers, hum along to your headphones or sing whatever is in your head! All the worlds a stage so you may as well get in a few good ballads.


Living louder 

I’m often the person that is scared to do things in case they go wrong, thinking of the worst. However as I go through my teenage years I think of all the things that have gone wrong and normally they aren’t bad memories they are something you and your friends laugh about until there are tears in your eyes and stitches in your sides. So I’m going to try and embrace the youthful side; the wild side; the side that does whatever might make it happy even if it ends up being a silly funny story. So I thought I would start simple: hair dye. Pink hair is underrated, yes it’s cliché but some of the best things are in my opinion. I might look ridiculous with my magenta hair but at least I can say I did it

So what is my point here? Well I’m going to aim to do little things like this, I want to be the kind of person who dyes their hair crazy colours, the girl whosings disney and doesn’t care who hears, the girl who  is passionate and vibrant and alive. I want anybody reading this to do the same. To do whatever makes them happy even if it’s just for a moment, because moments are all we really have. 

There’s time for everything; for the quiet moments, for the sad ones, the bad ones but in those moments where you can I want you to join me and live brighter, live wilder, live louder