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Train journey judgement

So this isn’t my normal attempting-to-be-inspiring ramble it’s more of a rage quit. I got on my normal train last week in jeans, a grey shirt and clunky high heeled boots. For once I had actually made an effort with my outfit but when you walk around and people hear the unmistakeable click of heels they somehow find it appropriate to glare at you as though I was some blonde bimbo invading their sacred trains. The thing was this was just an odd day in heels for me but if I was a blonde bimbo or anyone for that matter who wanted to wear heels what gives people the right to judge me? This goes for all fashion sense really I’m just using an example, are my heels hurting you? No so let me and anyone  else express themselves how they choose.
Take a moment please before judging anyone when you don’t know anything about them, and it doesn’t matter if you do just be kind.